Carved Text, Fonts, Pictures & Logos

Carved Text:

It is the beautifully carved text that sets our products apart and makes them truly individual. As such we don't put a limit on the number of characters that we will carve for  you on a face (and we don't charge extra either!).

Naturally, the more characters you have, the smaller the text can become and this can affect the look of the piece in some cases. When you order with us we will always produce 'to scale' mockups for you so you can see how the text will look. We will always advise if we think it may look too small. See HERE for more detail on our design process.

Font Selection:

All the products you see on our website have text carved in a classical 'Times New Roman' font. This may be capitals only or upper/lower case (your choice). We can carve in many other fonts too so if you have a requirement to match a font you already have then we'll be only too pleased to help, just CONTACT US to discuss.

Pictures & Logos:

We are very good at carving logos and pictures (silhouettes) into the material. If you are interested in incorporating one or more of these into your design then just CONTACT US to discuss. 

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